Hello, I am Michael Fiori and I want to welcome you to our website and thank you for taking time to visit.

Columbia Classic Cars is a result of my life long passion for antique, classic and collector cars. I believe it began when my mother brought me home from the hospital soon after my birth in 1951. At that time my family owned a 1942 Packard Model 160, 7-passenger sedan and my very first ride in an automobile was in that car, wrapped up in a blanket in my mother’s arms. That is when my addiction to Packards began and since then it has expanded to other marques as well. I might mention that my father also owned a 1948 Ford pick-up at the time. Years later he would chide me that I actually came home in that red truck! But the smile on his face and the wink that I would catch him giving to my mother assured me that it was the Packard and not the Ford that made the delivery.

Over the years I committed much time and considerable resources building my personal auto collection. The inner voice in me was always there suggesting that I should in some way some day find the time and energy to make my passion my business. In 2004 I decided the time was right to launch my new business, Columbia Classic Cars as a way to continue my hobby while meeting, working with, and providing automobiles to other collector car aficionados and hobbyists who share the same passion. So far so good!

Columbia Classic Cars intends to offer a broad range of fine vehicles for collectors whether their specific interest is cars from the 1930s or “Muscle Cars” from the 1960s and 1970s, early Dodge Brothers cars or Packard Classics, Horseless Carriages or Model Ts and As, special convertibles or just plain interesting cars – Columbia Classic Cars will make them all available to you as they become available to us.

Whenever you find yourself in Central Maine near our State Capitol of Augusta, make plans for some extra time to visit us just 15 minutes west on Route 202 in Winthrop. You are always welcome just to stop by for a chat or to see what is available in our shop and showroom. At Columbia Classic Cars we are always anxious to meet and greet and most importantly, talk with you about your particular automobile interests.